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  SM-0817   Testimonies of Deliverance and Demonic Responses - satan devil SE Various Speakers
  SM-0915   Testimonies on Healing - Tape 2   SE Various Speakers
  SM-0880   God is Requiring Much   SE Various Speakers
  SM-0973   Beloved Let Us Love One Another   SE Tom Alberts
  SS-0014-2   Strength in Weakness   SS Tom Alberts
  SM-0042-B   And the Man of God Wept NULL SM Tom Alberts
  SS-0019-2   Behold the Goodness and Severity of God   SS Tom Alberts
  SM-0648   Testimony: The Ministry in Greece   SM Themes Kulurys
  SS-0021-2   The Heart of Praise   SS Scott J. Miller
  SS-0027-2   Calvinism - Part 03   SS Russ Barnett
  SM-0151   Walking With God   SM Russ Barnett
  SM-0116   Communion Service   SM Russ Barnett
  SS-0519   Nurturing Our Children in the Faith   SS Ron Myrick
  F-0273   Making The Move Of God Alive In Your Home.   FR Ron Myrick
  SM-0436   A Parable on Prayer   SE Ron Lowrie
  SM-0633   Investments in the Kingdom of God   SM Ron Lowrie
  SM-0455   The Apple of My Eye - The Beloved of the Lord   SE Ron Lowrie
  SM-0941   Orientation for Community Evangelism and Bible Fellowships -   SM Ron Lowrie
  SM-0854   The Spirit of Lawlessness   SE Ron Lowrie
  SM-0720   The Satan Syndrome Devil SM Ron Lowrie
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