Community Chapel Online Tape Library

Speaker Date Title Download
A. Russell MacKenzie 11/25/1979 9 Prophecies to be Fulfilled Before the Rapture SM-0579-C.mp3
Donald Barnett 3/11/1984 A New Theory on the Last Half of the 70th Week of Daniel SS-0511-E.mp3
Donald Barnett 12/12/1976 BIBLE PROPHECY UNFOLDING IN OUR WORLD - PART 1 OF 12 SS-0158-1.mp3
Donald Barnett 1/9/1977 Bible Prophecy Unfolding in Our World - Part 2; The word Rapture is in the Bible SS-0161-B.mp3
Donald Barnett 3/2/1975 End Time Prophecy in Brief SM-0201-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 7/30/1972 Gifts of the Spirit - Part 8: Miracles Prophecy SS-0023-1-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 8/6/1972 Gifts of the Spirit - Part 9: Prophecy and Prophets SS-0023-2-A.mp3
A. Russell MacKenzie 9/19/1982 Methods of Interpreting Bible Prophecy SS-0447-C.mp3
Donald Barnett 5/21/1972 Necessity of Knowing Bible Prophecy SM-0033-2-B.mp3
Donald Barnett 6/1/1980 Russia in Bible Prophecy - Part 1 SM-0624-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 7/15/1979 Toward World Control - State of the Union - Bible Prophecy - An Introduction SM-0548-A.mp3

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