Community Chapel Online Tape Library

Speaker Date Title Download
Ron Lowrie 3/12/1978 A Parable on Prayer SM-0436-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 3/18/1977 An Army Of Tongues To Pray The Devil Out Of Business. F-0107-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 6/19/1981 Continue To Pray For Revival. F-0277-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 4/10/1983 Defeating the Enemy Through Prayer SM-0878-B.mp3
Donald Barnett 6/16/1978 God'S Responses To Our Prayers. F-0157-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 11/4/1973 How to be Led of God - Part 17 - Prayer SS-0058-1-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 11/18/1973 How to be Led of God - Part 19 - Prayer SS-0059-1-B.mp3
Donald Barnett 11/25/1973 How to be Led of God - Part 20 - Prayer in Tongues SS-0059-2-B.mp3
Donald Barnett 12/2/1973 How to be Led of God - Part 21 - Prayer in Tongues and English SS-0060-1-B.mp3
Donald Barnett 12/9/1973 How to be Led of God - Part 22 - Unanswered Prayer SS-0060-2-B.mp3
Donald Barnett 12/16/1973 How to be Led of God - Part 23 - Unanswered Prayer SS-0061-1-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 12/23/1973 How to be Led of God - Part 24 - Unanswered Prayer SS-0061-2-B.mp3
Donald Barnett 11/16/1963 Inner Work: Effectual Prayer (James 5:18). F-0013-1-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 1/23/1977 Intercessory Prayer SM-0339-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 8/15/1982 Pastoral Call to Prayer and Total Commitment SM-0820-B.mp3
Donald Barnett 3/25/1983 Pray For God'S Help And You Get Angels. F-0356-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 8/24/1980 Pray Pray Pray Pray and Then Pray Some More SM-0646-B.mp3
Donald Barnett 9/7/1975 Prayer - Part 2 - Questions Answered Concerning Prayer SS-0108-2-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 9/12/1972 Prayer Moves the Hand of God SM-0052-2-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 5/3/1974 Prayers That Do Not Count And Prayers That Do. F-0018-1-A.mp3
Dan Obrien 5/7/1978 Praying in the Spirit - Part 1 SS-0226-A.mp3
Dan Obrien 5/14/1978 Praying in the Spirit - Part 2 SS-0227-C.mp3
Donald Barnett 5/1/1977 Praying in Tongues and Interpretations - Part 1 SS-0175-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 5/8/1977 Praying in Tongues and Interpretations - Part 2 SS-0176-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 5/15/1977 Praying in Tongues and Interpretations - Part 3 SS-0177-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 2/24/1980 Praying in Tongues in Services - Understanding What the Bible Says SM-0600-A.mp3
Lanny Peterson 1/1/1984 Praying with Others for the Baptism of the Holy Spirit SS-0503-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 3/8/1981 Principles of Prayer - Part 1 SS-0370-B.mp3
Donald Barnett 3/15/1981 Principles of Prayer - Part 2 SS-0371-B.mp3
Fred Langford 1/18/1981 Rejoicing Praying and Giving Thanks SM-0679-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 8/5/1977 The Mystery And Power Of Prayer. F-0125-B.mp3
Donald Barnett 11/11/1984 The Necessity of a Proper Prayer Life SM-0991-B.mp3
Mark Yokers 11/20/1981 Waiting Upon God. F-0294-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 7/5/1981 Why God Doesn't Seem to Answer Some Prayers - Part 2 SS-0387-A.mp3

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