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Mike Sabourin
Speaker Date Title Download
Mike Sabourin 1/12/1975 A Deeper Place SM-0191-1-A.mp3
Mike Sabourin 1/11/1976 A Time to Set In Order SM-0264-A.mp3
Mike Sabourin 1/1/1978 Communion SM-0417-A.mp3
Mike Sabourin 4/9/1972 Creation of God SS-0015-1-A.mp3
Mike Sabourin 3/3/1974 Evolution and the Coming World Government SS-0066-2-A.mp3
Mike Sabourin 5/17/1981 Evolution Refutation - Part 4, Update on the Creation/Evolution Controversy SS-0380-A.mp3
Mike Sabourin 9/19/1982 God is Not the Author of Confusion SM-0828-B.mp3
Mike Sabourin 9/6/1982 HE SHALL NOT SPEAK OF HIMSELF G-1156-FS.mp3
Mike Sabourin 10/26/1979 How To Be Anointed For A Ministry F-0208-A.mp3
Mike Sabourin 5/6/1984 Let Us Make Man SM-0965-B.mp3
Mike Sabourin 7/8/1973 Messengers of Life or Messengers of Death? SM-0099-A.mp3
Mike Sabourin 9/2/1984 ONWARD TO RIGHTEOUSNESS G-1390-1-FS.mp3
Mike Sabourin 7/22/1984 Perspectives on Joy SM-0979-A.mp3
Mike Sabourin 1/11/1980 Perspectives On Reality F-0215-A.mp3
Mike Sabourin 7/6/1980 Perspectives on the New Glorified Body SM-0634-D.mp3
Mike Sabourin 10/1/1972 Spiritual Building SM-0054-1-A.mp3
Mike Sabourin 9/18/1983 Spiritual Thermodynamics SM-0911-A.mp3
Mike Sabourin 1/22/1984 Static or Dynamic: Which Will You Be? SM-0942-B.mp3
Mike Sabourin 5/16/1982 Taking the Offensive in the War of Words SM-0799-A.mp3
Mike Sabourin 10/7/1984 The Alleged Evolution of Man SS-0543-A.mp3
Mike Sabourin 10/11/1981 The Big Bang Theory & the Age of the Universe SS-0400-B.mp3
Mike Sabourin 5/18/1980 The Counterfeit Genesis Preparing for the Counterfeit Revelation SM-0620-A.mp3
Mike Sabourin 10/21/1983 The Great Joy Robbery F-0381-A.mp3
Mike Sabourin 9/3/1972 The Heart's Desire SM-0050-2-B.mp3
Mike Sabourin 2/4/1983 The Manifold Wisdom Of God F-0350-FS.mp3
Mike Sabourin 11/22/1981 The Necessity of Water Baptism - Part 3: The Mode SS-0406-A.mp3
Mike Sabourin 9/5/1983 THE NEGLECTED PROMISES G-1294-FS.mp3
Mike Sabourin 7/20/1979 The Testimonies Of Solomon & Paul F-0200-A.mp3
Mike Sabourin 4/14/1974 The Way to the High Places in God SM-0143-B.mp3
Mike Sabourin 9/6/1981 TOWARD GOD G-1049.mp3
Mike Sabourin 10/10/1976 Two Women: Pornia and Sophia SM-0317-2-A.mp3
Mike Sabourin 10/19/1975 UFO's SS-0112-A.mp3
Mike Sabourin 3/7/1975 Who Is This Jesus? - Part 4 Of 10 F-0036-1-J.mp3
Mike Sabourin 3/28/1975 Who Is This Jesus? - Part 6 Of 10 F-0037-1-A.mp3
Mike Sabourin 2/6/1983 Who Told You That You Were Naked - The Devil's Plan Through Insecurity SM-0862-A.mp3

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