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Friday Sermons
Speaker Date Title Download
Donald Barnett 11/16/1963 Inner Work: Effectual Prayer (James 5:18). F-0013-1-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 12/10/1971 Children Of God - Part 1 Of 2. F-0001-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 12/17/1971 Children Of God - Part 2 Of 2. F-0002-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 1/8/1972 What Then? F-0004-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 2/11/1972 Rebellion, Submission, And Appearance. F-0005-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 11/9/1973 Be Filled With The Spirit. F-0012-C.mp3
Donald Barnett 11/16/1973 Inner Work. F-0014-1-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 12/7/1973 Let Us Return Unto The Lord F-0013-2-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 12/21/1973 The Westminster Abbey Of Faith (Hebrews 11). F-0014-2-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 3/29/1974 How Shall We Live? - By Faith (Romans 1:17). F-0016-2-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 4/5/1974 The High Cost. F-0017-1-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 4/12/1974 The Fruits Of The Spirit. F-0017-2-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 5/3/1974 Prayers That Do Not Count And Prayers That Do. F-0018-1-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 5/10/1974 Dominion. F-0018-2-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 6/21/1974 Come Up Or Sleep On. F-0019-1-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 7/5/1974 Shifting The Blame. F-0020-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 7/12/1974 Let Go And Let God. F-0021-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 7/19/1974 Anticipate And React. F-0022-1-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 8/16/1974 The Hill Of God: God'S Plan Of Redemption. F-0023-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 8/30/1974 Not I, But Christ. F-0024-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 9/27/1974 Let Us Sew Up The Holes F-0026-2-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 10/11/1974 Come Away My Fair One. F-0027-1-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 11/15/1974 Faith Brings Victory. F-0029-2-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 11/22/1974 Healing Of The Body Of Christ. F-0030-1-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 11/29/1974 Be Compassionate, Not Judgmental. F-0030-2-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 12/6/1974 With God, Impossible Things Are Possible. F-0031-1-B.mp3
Donald Barnett 2/7/1975 Who Is This Jesus? - Part 1 Of 10. F-0034-1-I.mp3
Donald Barnett 2/14/1975 Who Is This Jesus? - Part 2 Of 10. F-0034-2-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 2/21/1975 Who Is This Jesus? - Part 3 Of 10. F-0035-1-K.mp3
Mike Sabourin 3/7/1975 Who Is This Jesus? - Part 4 Of 10 F-0036-1-J.mp3
Donald Barnett 3/14/1975 Who Is This Jesus? - Part 5 Of 10. F-0036-2-B.mp3
Mike Sabourin 3/28/1975 Who Is This Jesus? - Part 6 Of 10 F-0037-1-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 4/4/1975 Who Is This Jesus? - Part 7 Of 10. F-0037-2-B.mp3
Donald Barnett 4/11/1975 Who Is This Jesus? - Part 8 Of 10. F-0038-1-J.mp3
Donald Barnett 4/18/1975 Who Is This Jesus? - Part 9 Of 10. F-0038-2-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 5/2/1975 Values. F-0040-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 5/9/1975 Groaneth Now, But.... F-0041-A.mp3
Greg Wood 5/16/1975 Which Is Weightier - Love Or Grace? F-0042-1-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 5/30/1975 These Are The Last Days. F-0043-F.mp3
Donald Barnett 6/6/1975 Garments. F-0044-D.mp3
Greg Wood 7/11/1975 Faith. F-0048-1-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 9/26/1975 No More To Give (Ii Peter 1:3,4). F-0054-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 10/24/1975 Love The Marrying Kind: Proper Premise For The Bride. F-0056-2-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 10/31/1975 Challenge To Hear The Word Of The Lord. F-0057-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 11/28/1975 Jesus Is All I Need. F-0061-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 12/26/1975 The Great Speckled Bird. F-0063-A.mp3
Mark Yokers 1/2/1976 Emptying Yourself. F-0064-B.mp3
Donald Barnett 1/16/1976 Rebekah: Type Of The Bride. F-0066-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 1/23/1976 Whatever Became Of Sin? F-0067-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 2/20/1976 Transformation And Restoration - Part 1 Of 7. F-0069-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 3/5/1976 Delaying The Vision'S Finest Hour Of Glory. F-0070-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 3/19/1976 Last Days - Part 2 Of ? F-0072-A.mp3
4/2/1976 Running. F-0073-B.mp3
Donald Barnett 4/9/1976 "Self" Must Go. F-0074-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 4/23/1976 Cast The Net On The Right Side. F-0076-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 6/11/1976 Trust In Him And He Shall Bring It To Pass. F-0080-B.mp3
George Alberts 8/13/1976 Man Of The Spirit, Born And Lives By The Spirit. F-0087-1-B.mp3
Donald Barnett 8/27/1976 Boldness To Receive. F-0088-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 9/24/1976 Knowing And Being Known. F-0090-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 10/15/1976 Out Of Conflicts, Something is Building. F-0091-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 10/29/1976 God Chose Knowing. F-0092-A.mp3
Fred Langford 11/12/1976 What Manner Of Persons. F-0098-B.mp3
Donald Barnett 12/10/1976 First To Arabia F-0096-B.mp3
George Alberts 12/24/1976 Having A Giving Spirit. F-0099-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 1/7/1977 Thoughts On The Eternal, Infinite God. F-0100-B.mp3
Donald Barnett 1/14/1977 God Is Silent Yet He Speaketh. F-0101-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 1/28/1977 Use, But Not Over Use. F-0102-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 2/4/1977 Leaving The Old For The New. F-0103-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 2/11/1977 The Sin Of Presumption. F-0104-B.mp3
Donald Barnett 2/25/1977 Where Art Thou Adam? F-0105-2-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 3/18/1977 An Army Of Tongues To Pray The Devil Out Of Business. F-0107-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 3/25/1977 Without A Vision We Won'T Move F-0109-B.mp3
Donald Barnett 4/1/1977 The Wall Lies As Rubble Before Us (Nehemiah 1:2-4). F-0108-A.mp3
Earl Faylor 4/8/1977 A Manchild & A Bride Or, Two In The Making F-0112-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 4/15/1977 The Kingdom Of God Is At Hand. F-0113-B.mp3
Donald Barnett 4/22/1977 Knowing God. F-0114-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 5/6/1977 Awaken As Out Of Sleep. F-0115-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 5/13/1977 Hath God Said? F-0116-B.mp3
Donald Barnett 5/20/1977 This Is Your Testimony. F-0117-A.mp3
Dan Obrien 6/10/1977 Communicating Glory (John 17). F-0119-B.mp3
Donald Barnett 6/17/1977 Re-Examining Our Life In Christ: Revealing Christ - Part 1 Of 3. F-0121-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 7/8/1977 The Bride In The Song Of Solomon - Part 2 Of 2. F-0122-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 7/15/1977 Mantle Of Christ'S Righteousness. F-0123-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 8/5/1977 The Mystery And Power Of Prayer. F-0125-B.mp3
Donald Barnett 9/9/1977 Every Place Your Foot Treads Upon Is Yours. F-0128-1-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 9/30/1977 Jesus, Chiefest Of Ten Thousand. F-0130-B.mp3
Donald Barnett 10/7/1977 Exposing The Spirit Of Rejection F-0131-A.mp3
Greg Wood 10/14/1977 Ask. F-0132-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 10/21/1977 Using Temptation To Our Advantage - Part 3 Of 6. F-0133-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 10/28/1977 Using Temptation To Our Advantage - Part 4 Of 6. F-0134-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 11/4/1977 Appropriating Rest To Your Soul. F-0135-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 11/11/1977 God Is Sufficient For The Hour. F-0136-B.mp3
Donald Barnett 11/18/1977 Let God Be Everything F-0137-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 12/2/1977 Jesus Wants Full Discipleship F-0138-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 12/16/1977 Step Into Freedom. F-0139-B.mp3
Donald Barnett 1/20/1978 Thinking And Thinking Straight. F-0142-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 2/10/1978 Totally Committed To The Person Of Jesus. F-0143-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 3/3/1978 Finishing The Father'S Will In Jesus. F-0144-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 3/17/1978 Back To Simple Faith. F-0146-B.mp3
Donald Barnett 3/24/1978 Either, Or. F-0147-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 4/7/1978 Say Not, "It Is A Burden!" F-0148-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 4/14/1978 Knit Together As One Man. F-0149-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 4/21/1978 Wake Up And See God In This Place. F-0150-B.mp3
Donald Barnett 4/28/1978 Getting The Facts Straight - Discipleship F-0151-C.mp3
Donald Barnett 5/5/1978 Satan Trying To "Pick Off" Saints - Devices Of The Devil F-0152-B.mp3
Greg Wood 5/26/1978 The Eternal Rest Of God. F-0154-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 6/2/1978 Decide, And Then Trust. F-0155-A.mp3
Bob Barnett 6/9/1978 The Power Of God In Our Lives. F-0156-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 6/16/1978 God'S Responses To Our Prayers. F-0157-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 6/30/1978 War In High Places. F-0159-B.mp3
Donald Barnett 7/7/1978 Compelling The Lost To Come In. F-0160-B.mp3
Donald Barnett 7/14/1978 Choose Life. F-0161-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 8/11/1978 Your Soul, For What Price? F-0164-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 8/18/1978 Walk Out Into The Storm And Still It. F-0165-B.mp3
Donald Barnett 8/25/1978 Soils Of The Heart (Luke 8:4Ff. F-0166-B.mp3
Donald Barnett 9/22/1978 Freedom In Singing In The Spirit As A Body. F-0168-B.mp3
Donald Barnett 9/29/1978 Purging. F-0169-B.mp3
Donald Barnett 10/6/1978 Love Is King. F-0170-B.mp3
Donald Barnett 11/17/1978 The Parable Of Demonic Warfare. F-0174-B.mp3
Donald Barnett 12/1/1978 And So God Patiently Waits. F-0175-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 12/29/1978 His Burden Is Light. F-0177-B.mp3
Donald Barnett 1/12/1979 Pilgrim'S Progress. F-0178-B.mp3
Donald Barnett 1/19/1979 Holiness. F-0179-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 1/26/1979 God'S Call To Freedom. F-0180-B.mp3
Donald Barnett 2/2/1979 By My Spirit Saith The Lord. F-0181-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 2/9/1979 This Is Our Victory, Even Our Faith - Part 1 Of 4. F-0182-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 2/23/1979 Christlikeness - True Christianity F-0183-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 3/2/1979 The Work Of God, Yesterday, Today, And Tomorrow Part 1 Of 3. F-0184-B.mp3
Donald Barnett 3/9/1979 Proper Use Of The Gifts Of The Spirit - Part 1 Of 4 F-0185-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 3/16/1979 Proper Use Of The Gifts Of The Spirit - Part 2 Of 4 F-0186-B.mp3
Donald Barnett 3/23/1979 Proper Use Of The Gifts Of The Spirit - Part 3 Of 4 F-0187-B.mp3
Donald Barnett 3/30/1979 Proper Use Of The Gifts Of The Spirit - Part 4 Of 4 F-0188-B.mp3
Donald Barnett 4/13/1979 Lies, Lies, Lies. F-0189-B.mp3
Donald Barnett 4/20/1979 Anointed For Service F-0190-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 5/11/1979 Up, Sanctify The People. F-0191-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 5/25/1979 God'S Time For His People. F-0192-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 6/15/1979 Dig Deep - Part 1 Of 2 * F-0196-E.mp3
Donald Barnett 6/22/1979 Dig Deep - Part 2 Of 2 * F-0197-B.mp3
Donald Barnett 6/29/1979 The Vintage Wine Of God F-0198-A.mp3
Mike Sabourin 7/20/1979 The Testimonies Of Solomon & Paul F-0200-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 8/17/1979 The Second Time Is It - Be Ready. F-0204-B.mp3
Donald Barnett 8/24/1979 Hearing From God F-0205-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 9/21/1979 Not The Angel You Ask For, But The Angel You Yield To * F-0206-B.mp3
Donald Barnett 10/19/1979 Through Agony F-0207-B.mp3
Donald Barnett 10/19/1979 Through Agony F-0207-A.mp3
Mark Yokers 10/26/1979 How To Be Anointed For A Ministry F-0208-A.mp3
Mike Sabourin 10/26/1979 How To Be Anointed For A Ministry F-0208-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 10/26/1979 How To Be Anointed For A Ministry F-0208-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 11/16/1979 Sermonette: 2 Kings 6. F-0210-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 12/7/1979 Sanctification: It Is Attainable. F-0212-B.mp3
Donald Barnett 12/14/1979 The Sabbath: Cessation Of Works. F-0213-A.mp3
Dan Obrien 1/4/1980 Television: Sowing Seeds Of Spiritual Destruction F-0214-1-A.mp3
Mark Yokers 1/4/1980 Living In Reality F-0214-2-B.mp3
Mike Sabourin 1/11/1980 Perspectives On Reality F-0215-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 1/25/1980 Special Report: Teaching Seminar In Switzerland. F-0216-B.mp3
Donald Barnett 2/1/1980 The Maturing Of Eagle Saints. F-0217-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 2/8/1980 The Heart Of The Heart Of The Matter F-0218-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 2/15/1980 Decisions. F-0219-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 2/22/1980 God'S Blessing Or Judgment. F-0220-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 2/29/1980 Don'T Waste Your Sorrows. F-0221-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 3/7/1980 Build To God'S Blueprint Or Fall During The Storm. F-0222-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 3/21/1980 Miracle Healing * F-0223-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 4/11/1980 What God Wants To Do & What He Will Do F-0224-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 4/18/1980 Last Days' Witnessing. F-0225-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 4/25/1980 Asking In Jesus' Name F-0226-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 5/2/1980 God Answers His Way F-0227-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 5/9/1980 Who Is This Melchizedek? F-0228-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 5/23/1980 Community Chapel And The Church World. F-0230-E.mp3
Donald Barnett 5/30/1980 Experiences In The Advance Of The Allotted Time * F-0231-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 6/6/1980 Troubled, But Not Distressed. F-0232-B.mp3
Donald Barnett 6/13/1980 Endure And Possess Your Souls. F-0233-B.mp3
Donald Barnett 6/20/1980 Who Is This Jesus - Part 10 Of 10: God In The Form Of A Man. F-0234-F.mp3
Donald Barnett 7/11/1980 The Church Of Jesus. F-0236-B.mp3
Donald Barnett 7/18/1980 If Some Of Us Were Them Then. F-0237-A.mp3
Barbara Barnett 7/25/1980 God'S Hand Reaches Out Through Ministries At Community Chapel. F-0238-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 8/1/1980 The Church Of Christ: What Is It? - Part 1 Of 3 F-0239-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 8/8/1980 Oh, That We Might Know Him!! F-0240-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 8/15/1980 God And Man. F-0241-F.mp3
Earl Thurner 9/5/1980 Touch Not The Glory Of God - A Man Who Gave Not God The Glory (John 5:41,44). F-0242-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 9/12/1980 God, The Devil, The Universe, And Man. F-0243-B.mp3
Donald Barnett 9/19/1980 Really Caring. F-0244-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 9/26/1980 Write The Vision Large. F-0245-E.mp3
Donald Barnett 10/3/1980 The Dangers Of Presumption. F-0246-B.mp3
Earl Faylor 10/17/1980 Beyond The Veil. F-0247-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 10/24/1980 Victory! F-0248-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 10/31/1980 The Completed Body - Part 1 Of 2 (Ephesians 4:1-11). F-0249-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 11/7/1980 Am I My Brother'S Keeper? F-0250-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 11/14/1980 The Most Common Sin Of The Christian Church: Self-Elevation F-0251-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 12/5/1980 Sobering Questions & Answers F-0253-B.mp3
Donald Barnett 1/9/1981 We Are Under Contract - Part 1 Of 3. F-0257-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 1/16/1981 The Last Adam Glorified - Part 1 Of 2 * F-0258-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 2/6/1981 The Importance Of Gaining All The Christian Virtues For The Days Ahead F-0260-B.mp3
Donald Barnett 2/20/1981 Extemporaneous Exhortations. F-0262-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 2/27/1981 The Revelation Of God'S Plan For Adam F-0263-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 3/6/1981 Perspectives On A Deep, Personal Move Of God. F-0264-B.mp3
Donald Barnett 3/13/1981 The Former And The Latter Rain - Part 1 Of 3. F-0265-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 3/20/1981 Revival Series - Part 1 Of 8: Revival, Restoration, Restitution F-0266-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 5/1/1981 Warfare In The Spirit World - Part 1 F-0271-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 5/8/1981 Trust In The Lord & Don'T Despair F-0272-A.mp3
Ron Myrick 5/22/1981 Making The Move Of God Alive In Your Home. F-0273-B.mp3
Donald Barnett 5/29/1981 Being Carefree & Joyful F-0274-K.mp3
Donald Barnett 6/5/1981 Great Hope In The Grace Of God. F-0275-C.mp3
Donald Barnett 6/12/1981 God Sees. F-0276-F.mp3
Donald Barnett 6/12/1981 God Sees. F-0276-G.mp3
Donald Barnett 6/19/1981 Continue To Pray For Revival. F-0277-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 7/17/1981 Putting Off The Evil Heart Of Unbelief. F-0280-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 7/24/1981 Young Men: The Half-Way Mark F-0281-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 8/14/1981 Come Out From Laodicea & Be Ye Separate * F-0283-B.mp3
A. Russell MacKenzie 8/28/1981 Overcoming Fear Of Persecution * F-0285-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 9/18/1981 Unveiling The Devil'S New Counter-Attack Strategy. - Tape 2 F-0286-A-1.mp3
Donald Barnett 9/18/1981 Unveiling The Devil'S New Counter-Attack Strategy. - Tape 2 F-0286-A-2.mp3
Donald Barnett 9/25/1981 A Challenge To Increase Our Faith. F-0287-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 10/2/1981 The Old Man Must Go. F-0288-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 10/23/1981 A Book Of Examples To Live By * F-0290-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 11/13/1981 The Two Jerusalems. F-0293-A.mp3
Mark Yokers 11/20/1981 Waiting Upon God. F-0294-A.mp3
Mark Yokers 11/27/1981 I Will Never Leave Thee Nor Forsake Thee. F-0295-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 12/4/1981 God'S Solution To The Devil'S Strategy. F-0296-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 12/11/1981 Defeating The Devil On God'S Authority. F-0297-B.mp3
Marvin Williams 12/25/1981 A Meditation Upon The Grace Of God. F-0299-B.mp3
Donald Barnett 1/1/1982 Spiritual Lessons From The Life Of John Dowie - Part 1 Of 4 F-0300-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 1/8/1982 Spiritual Lessons From The Life Of John Dowie - Part 4 Of 4 F-0301-B.mp3
Donald Barnett 1/15/1982 Be Free And Let Jesus Love Through You. F-0302-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 1/22/1982 God Is Willing To Do Much More. F-0303-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 2/26/1982 The Maturing Of The Shulamite Company Of Saints. F-0305-B.mp3
Earl Faylor 4/16/1982 And Thou Shalt Live. F-0312-FS.mp3
Donald Barnett 4/30/1982 Late Blooming Wheat, Not Darnel, and Keith Gunn Testimony F-0313-1-A3.mp3
Donald Barnett 4/30/1982 Late Blooming Wheat, Not Darnel, and Keith Gunn Testimony F-0313-1-TS.mp3
Donald Barnett 4/30/1982 Late Blooming Wheat, Not Darnel, and Keith Gunn Testimony F-0313-1-FS.mp3
Donald Barnett 5/7/1982 The Demonic Underground F-0314-A.mp3
Earl Faylor 5/14/1982 Get It And Keep It. F-0315-B.mp3
Donald Barnett 5/21/1982 Discipleship Starts At The Cross. - A-1;Tape 1, A-2;Tape 2 F-0316-A-2.mp3
Donald Barnett 5/21/1982 Discipleship Starts At The Cross. - A-1;Tape 1, A-2;Tape 2 F-0316-A-1.mp3
Donald Barnett 5/28/1982 If They Had Only Known. F-0317-H.mp3
Greg Thiel 6/4/1982 Restoring Our Position Before God - Part 1 Of 2. F-0318-FS.mp3
Mark Yokers 6/11/1982 This Is Your Life. F-0319-FS.mp3
Donald Barnett 6/18/1982 We Must Get Free. F-0320-B.mp3
Donald Barnett 6/25/1982 God, Willing To Include Man With Him. F-0321-B.mp3
Donald Barnett 7/2/1982 God Calls, Man Struggles, But The Faithful Overcome. F-0322-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 7/9/1982 The Divine Hedge. F-0323-B.mp3
Donald Barnett 7/16/1982 Through Demonic Hosts To The Rapture. F-0324-B.mp3
Donald Barnett 7/23/1982 On The Mountian Top Of Glory. F-0325-B.mp3
Donald Barnett 7/30/1982 You Must Carry Your Cross, But You Must Not Carry It Alone. F-0326-G.mp3
Donald Barnett 8/6/1982 The Greater David And His Servant. F-0327-B.mp3
Donald Barnett 8/13/1982 Learn By Example, Sin Leads To Defeat F-0328-A.mp3
Earl Faylor 8/20/1982 In Your Patience. F-0329-FS.mp3
Earl Faylor 8/27/1982 Think On These Things. F-0330-FS.mp3
Donald Barnett 9/10/1982 Add Works To Your Faith. F-0331-B.mp3
Earl Faylor 9/17/1982 Nevertheless, At Thy Word. F-0332-FS.mp3
Donald Barnett 9/24/1982 Awake. F-0333-B.mp3
Donald Barnett 10/1/1982 The Unruffled Christ, Our Example F-0334-AA.mp3
Earl Faylor 10/8/1982 God, Satan, And Decisions. F-0335-B.mp3
Donald Barnett 10/15/1982 "Judge Not" - Admonishes The Great Judge. F-0336-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 10/22/1982 Pilgrims On A Pilgrimage. F-0337-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 10/29/1982 Lord, Lord * F-0338-H.mp3
Donald Barnett 11/5/1982 No Man Knoweth The Son F-0339-G.mp3
Donald Barnett 11/12/1982 God Is Coming To Judge, Choose, And Prepare His People. F-0340-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 11/19/1982 Judgment Hastens On. F-0341-A.mp3
Lanny Peterson 11/26/1982 The Anointing Of David. F-0342-A.mp3
Earl Faylor 12/3/1982 Created For One Purpose. F-0343-B.mp3
Donald Barnett 12/10/1982 The Story Of The Early Pentecostal Movement In The Life Of Howard Goss. F-0344-H.mp3
Donald Barnett 12/24/1982 God'S Anointed One Is Born F-0345-B.mp3
Donald Barnett 12/31/1982 Precious Communion Truths. F-0346-B.mp3
Earl Faylor 1/14/1983 Back To The Foundation. F-0347-FS.mp3
Donald Barnett 1/21/1983 Things We Should Know. F-0348-B.mp3
Donald Barnett 1/28/1983 The Mystery Of God-Likeness In The Cherubim F-0349-B.mp3
Mike Sabourin 2/4/1983 The Manifold Wisdom Of God F-0350-FS.mp3
Lanny Peterson 2/11/1983 Truths From The Life Of The Prophet Elisha. F-0351-A.mp3
Earl Faylor 2/18/1983 They Were Real Men. F-0352-FS.mp3
Donald Barnett 2/25/1983 Report Of Ministry In Greece. F-0353-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 3/11/1983 Considerations Regarding The New Wave Of Revival. F-0354-B.mp3
Donald Barnett 3/18/1983 Things I Need To Tell You - A Message From The Pastor'S Heart To His Beloved Charge. F-0355-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 3/25/1983 Pray For God'S Help And You Get Angels. F-0356-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 4/1/1983 Dealing With Increased Demonic Attack. F-0357-FS.mp3
Donald Barnett 4/8/1983 Come Up Higher: And Truth Versus Untruth. F-0358-B.mp3
Donald Barnett 4/15/1983 The Call To Repent, Renounce Sin, And Seek Jesus F-0359-A-2.mp3
Donald Barnett 4/15/1983 The Call To Repent, Renounce Sin, And Seek Jesus F-0359-A-1.mp3
Donald Barnett 4/22/1983 Angels, Angels, And More Angels F-0360-B.mp3
Donald Barnett 4/29/1983 The Call To Respond To God'S Love. F-0361-A.mp3
Jerry Slaminski 5/13/1983 One Army: The Army Of The Living God. F-0362-FS.mp3
Donald Barnett 5/20/1983 The Spirit World Of The Spirit Man. F-0363-B.mp3
Donald Barnett 5/27/1983 The Heavenly Realm - A Vision Experienced by the Pastor F-0364-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 6/3/1983 Being Spiritual. F-0365-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 6/10/1983 Caught Up Until The Third Heaven. F-0366-G.mp3
Donald Barnett 6/24/1983 Angels & The Spirit Realm F-0367-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 7/1/1983 Evaluating The Timeless Spirit Realm & The Material Time Frame System F-0368-B.mp3
Donald Barnett 7/22/1983 Heavenly Places. F-0369-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 7/29/1983 How To Appropriate Your Freedom In The Spirit. F-0370-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 8/5/1983 A Spiritual Challenge From Paul'S Letter To The Church At Ephesus. F-0371-B.mp3
Donald Barnett 8/12/1983 Fifteen Reasons For Singing In The Spirit Before Service F-0372-A.mp3
Earl Faylor 8/19/1983 I Can See Two, But Which One Is Me. F-0373-FS.mp3
Donald Barnett 8/26/1983 God'S Plan Is Still Unfolding. F-0374-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 9/9/1983 The Life Of The Son Of Man Here Below: Workers Tog F-0375-FS.mp3
Mark Yokers 9/16/1983 Be Clean, Then Restore. F-0376-B.mp3
Donald Barnett 9/23/1983 Lessons From Visions F-0377-FS.mp3
Donald Barnett 9/30/1983 It Is Finished F-0378-B.mp3
Donald Barnett 10/7/1983 God'S Church. Part 1. F-0379-B.mp3
Mike Sabourin 10/21/1983 The Great Joy Robbery F-0381-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 10/28/1983 Dancing Before The Lord - Part 2 Of 2. F-0382-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 11/4/1983 The Devil Is A Loser F-0383-B.mp3
Donald Barnett 11/11/1983 Why God Seems So Far Off And Slow To Answer. F-0384-G.mp3
Donald Barnett 11/18/1983 I Will Go. F-0385-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 11/25/1983 The Life Of Jesus - Part 01 Of 33. F-0386-J.mp3
Donald Barnett 12/2/1983 The Life Of Jesus - Part 02 Of 33. F-0387-I.mp3
Donald Barnett 12/9/1983 The Life Of Jesus - Part 03 Of 33. F-0388-I.mp3
Donald Barnett 12/16/1983 The Life Of Jesus - Part 04 Of 33. (60 F-0389-I.mp3
Jerry Slaminski 12/23/1983 Follow Me. F-0390-A.mp3
Lanny Peterson 12/30/1983 He That Overcomes; I Will Give Him The Morning Star. F-0391-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 1/13/1984 The Life Of Jesus. Part 5. "Nicodemus Comes To Jesus By Night. F-0392-I.mp3
Don Lockrem 1/20/1984 Testimonies And Admonition To Minister. F-0393-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 1/27/1984 Pastor'S Report From The James Robison Ministers' Conference - Part 1 Of 3. F-0394-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 2/3/1984 The Life Of Jesus. Part 6. "Jesus At The Well At Samaria And The Synagogue At Nazareth." F-0395-I.mp3
Donald Barnett 2/10/1984 The Life Of Jesus - Part 07 Of 33. F-0396-K.mp3
Donald Barnett 2/17/1984 The Life Of Jesus. Part 8. "Miracles Of Jesus And The Baptist'S End. F-0397-N.mp3
Lanny Peterson 2/24/1984 Solomon'S Temple: A Type Of What God Desires To Do In You. F-0398-A.mp3
Charles Karr 3/2/1984 Personal Experiences In The Ministry. F-0399-B.mp3
Donald Barnett 3/9/1984 The Life Of Jesus. Part 9. "The Town Harlot Washes Christ'S Feet And Jesus Stills The Storm." F-0400-K.mp3
Lanny Peterson 3/16/1984 How Or What Do You See? "Or, What Emotion Do You Want." F-0401-B.mp3
Lanny Peterson 3/16/1984 How Or What Do You See? "Or, What Emotion Do You Want." F-0401-B.mp3
Donald Barnett 3/23/1984 The Life Of Jesus. Part 10. "Jesus Delivers Demo- Iacs, Heals A Bleeder, Raises A Girl, And Multi- Plies The Loaves And Fishes." F-0402-T.mp3
Donald Barnett 3/30/1984 The Life Of Jesus - Part 11 Of 33. F-0403-I.mp3
Donald Barnett 4/6/1984 The Life Of Jesus. Part 12. "Jesus In Decapolis And At Feast Of Tabernacles." F-0404-K.mp3
Donald Barnett 4/13/1984 The Life Of Jesus - Part 13 Of 33. F-0405-K.mp3
Donald Barnett 4/20/1984 The Life Of Jesus - Part 14 Of 33. F-0406-K.mp3
Donald Barnett 4/27/1984 The Life Of Jesus - Part 15 Of 33. F-0407-K.mp3
Jerry Slaminski 5/4/1984 In Pursuit Of Loyalty. F-0408-A.mp3
Jerry Slaminski 5/4/1984 In Pursuit Of Loyalty. F-0408-A.mp3
Gordy Haddad 5/11/1984 The Fear Of Man: The Beginning Of Foolishness. F-0409-B.mp3
Bob Barnett 5/18/1984 Keeping The Presence Of God. F-0410-B.mp3
Donald Barnett 5/25/1984 The Life Of Jesus - Part 16 Of 33. F-0411-M.mp3
Donald Barnett 6/1/1984 The Life Of Jesus - Part 17 F-0412-I.mp3
Donald Barnett 6/8/1984 The Life Of Jesus - Part 18 Of 33 F-0413-I.mp3
Donald Barnett 6/22/1984 The Life Of Jesus - Part 19 Of 33. F-0414-L.mp3
Donald Barnett 6/29/1984 The Life Of Jesus - Part 20 Of 33 * F-0415-L.mp3
Donald Barnett 7/6/1984 The Life Of Jesus - Part 21 Of 33. F-0416-I.mp3
Earl Faylor 7/13/1984 Converted & Restored F-0417-A.mp3
Earl Faylor 7/20/1984 Look To Jesus, And Be Yourself In Christ. F-0418-FS.mp3
Donald Barnett 7/27/1984 The Life Of Jesus - Part 22 Of 33. F-0419-K.mp3
Donald Barnett 8/3/1984 The Life Of Jesus - Part 23 Of 33. F-0420-L.mp3
Donald Barnett 8/10/1984 The Life Of Jesus - Part 24 Of 33. F-0421-L.mp3
Donald Barnett 8/17/1984 The Life Of Jesus - Part 25 Of 33. F-0422-K.mp3
Lanny Peterson 8/24/1984 Neo-Pentecostal Anecdotes From The 1960'S. F-0423-B.mp3
Donald Barnett 9/7/1984 The Life Of Jesus - Part 26 Of 33. F-0424-K.mp3
Donald Barnett 9/14/1984 The Life Of Jesus - Part 27 Of 33. F-0425-K.mp3
Donald Barnett 9/21/1984 The Life Of Jesus - Part 28 Of 33. F-0426-K.mp3
Donald Barnett 9/28/1984 The Life Of Jesus - Part 29 Of 33. F-0427-L.mp3
Mark Yokers 10/5/1984 Jesus Was A Nazarene. F-0428-A.mp3
Mark Yokers 10/5/1984 Jesus Was A Nazarene. F-0428-A.mp3
Gordy Haddad 10/12/1984 Humility: A Rare & Costly Jewel F-0429-A.mp3
Gordy Haddad 10/12/1984 Humility: A Rare & Costly Jewel F-0429-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 10/19/1984 The Life Of Jesus - Part 30 Of 33. F-0430-H.mp3
Donald Barnett 10/26/1984 The Life Of Jesus - Part 31 Of 33. F-0431-L.mp3
Donald Barnett 11/2/1984 The Life Of Jesus - Part 32 Of 33. F-0432-K.mp3
Donald Barnett 11/9/1984 The Life Of Jesus - Part 33 Of 33. F-0433-K.mp3
Donald Barnett 11/16/1984 The Acts Of The Apostles - Part 01 Of 13. "The Disciples Tarry For Power, Choose Matthias, And Are Baptized In The Holy Spirit." F-0434-J.mp3
Jerry Slaminski 11/23/1984 The Doctrine Of Responsibility. F-0435-A.mp3
Donald Barnett 11/30/1984 The Acts Of The Apostles - Part 02 Of 13. F-0436-J.mp3
Donald Barnett 12/7/1984 The Acts Of The Apostles - Part 03 Of 13. F-0437-K.mp3
Donald Barnett 12/14/1984 The Acts Of The Apostles - Part 04 Of 13. "Two Disciples Drop Dead, Great Miracle Healings, And An Angelic Jailbreak." F-0438-G.mp3
Donald Barnett 12/21/1984 The Acts Of The Apostles - Part 05 Of 13. F-0439-G.mp3
Donald Barnett 12/28/1984 The Acts Of The Apostles - Part 06 Of 13. F-0440-G.mp3
Donald Barnett 1/18/1985 The Acts Of The Apostles - Part 07 Of 13. F-0442-H.mp3
Donald Barnett 1/25/1985 The Acts Of The Apostles - Part 08 Of 13. F-0443-G.mp3
Donald Barnett 2/8/1985 The Acts Of The Apostles - Part 09 Of 13. F-0444-G.mp3
Donald Barnett 2/15/1985 The Acts Of The Apostles - Part 10 Of 13. F-0445-H.mp3
Lanny Peterson 3/1/1985 Becoming One In Him. F-0446-C.mp3
Donald Barnett 3/8/1985 The Acts Of The Apostles - Part 11 Of 13. F-0447-G.mp3
Donald Barnett 3/15/1985 The Acts Of The Apostles - Part 12 Of 13. F-0448-G.mp3
Donald Barnett 3/22/1985 The Acts Of The Apostles - Part 13 Of 13. F-0449-G.mp3

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