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P530 The Authenticity of the Bible
A concise but power-packed defense of the inerrancy of the Bible, clearly establishing that the Scriptures are inspired. Many irrefutable proofs are given from fulfilled prophecy, history, archaeology, scientific proofs, and spiritual experience. A highlight of the course is the application of the laws of mathematical probability that fulfilled Bible prophecy could have been predicted by the prophets without employing the foreknowledge of God. These estimates are collected from the students for each aspect of each prophecy, then calculated (continued) to show the utter impossibility of the Bible being the work of man. The common views of inspiration are each defined, and quotations from authors promoting these views are discussed. The instructor refutes a sampling of characteristic arguments advanced by modem scholars who promulgate a partial inspiration of the Scriptures. The course includes a brief explanation of the formation of the Old and New Testament canon and a summary of Apocryphal literature and why it must never be canonized. Students already thoroughly convinced by the inspiration of Scripture, come from the class exuberant about the deep work this class has done in their hearts in the realms of confidence in Godís promises and their added ability to witness effectively. 1 credit.


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