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P512 - Homiletics, Sem 2
This course provides the student with spiritual and practical information to effectively deliver edifying sermons under the anointing of the Holy Spirit. The first sessions deal with the preacher, pulpit etiquette, how to consistently preach with anointing, perspectives on such things as humor in the pulpit, and various doís and doníts. In the first semester the student learns the various types of sermons: textual, expository, topical, alliteration, biographical, and six others. Subsequently, he learns various types of sermon outlines and their respective parts, and he receives training in each area. Finally, he learns by writing outlined sermons for several different types of audiences. In the second semester, the student learns by preaching and by evaluating other studentsí messages on a scale tailored for such analysis. 2 credits. Prerequisite: four semesters.


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