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M500 Principles of Holy Spirit-Anointed Music
This course lifts vocalists, instrumentalists, and potential music leaders out of the rut of merely performing and trains them for a ministry in music anointed by the Spirit of God. Principles drawn from Scripture which produce effective spiritual ministries in music are presented, such as: Spirit-led preparation, the importance of sensitivity to the Holy Spirit, ministering outside the local congregation, and growth in spiritual and technical proficiency. The instructor provides the students with a working definition of what constitutes spiritually anointed music. He demonstrates how it is clearly distinguishable from rock, folk, classical, and even some forms of Christian music available today. Other helps offered include: principles for musicians regarding instrumental accompaniment; the responsibilities of the music minister; how to lead a congregation into worship through music; the roles of body, soul, and spirit in effective vocal ministries; and ways to increase the anointing of the Holy Spirit upon music ministry groups. 1 credit.


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