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D211, D212 Prophecies of the Last Days, Sem 1.
Designed for the advanced student who is already familiar with the scope of Bible prophecy, this course focuses on specific end-time events. The introductory material explains the positions of pre-tribulationists, mid-tribulationists, and post-tribulationists; pre-millennialists, post-millennialists, and a-millennialists; partial rapturists, inclusive rapturists, secret rapturists, and visible rapturists; dispensationalists, ultra-dispensationalists, and historicists. Following this is a presentation of over thirty arguments by anti-rapturists and an equal number of arguments by pro-rapturists—the student is bound to come away more highly informed! Other topics include the last trump, the seventy weeks of Daniel, the 2,300 days of Daniel, the time of Jacob’s trouble, the battle of Armageddon, thirty-four known details about the millennium, the “little season,” the judgments of God, the new heavens and new earth, and the doctrine of eternal death (with a refutation of annihilationism and universal reconciliation). This course provides each student with a harmonious picture of how all prophecies of the last days converge into one clear continuum of end-time events. 6 credits. Prerequisite: The Apocalypse and the Book of Daniel, B171, B172.


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