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B523 Psalms
An inspirational and informative analysis of all 150 Psalmsó73 by David, 27 by five other authors, including Moses, and 50 left anonymousócontaining many profound prophecies, moral insights, and spiritual promises which are often overlooked during devotional reading. Messages regarding practical living, overcoming temptation, offering praise, expressing faith, seeking God, facing afflictions, and hosts of other subjects abound throughout this veritable storehouse of truth. This is a book not of theoretic theology, but of the practical theology of vivid human experience. One especially interesting part of the course is the detailed definitions and spiritual meanings given for each of the specialized terms found in the titles and texts of the Psalms (Alamoth, Gittith, Higgaion, Maschil, Selah, etc.). Whenever possible, the Davidic Psalms are presented in conjunction with the corresponding accounts of his life as recorded in the historical books. 3 credits.


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