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B511, B512 Ezekiel I
Ezekiel I deals with the first three of the four main movements in the book of Ezekiel: the commission of the prophet (chapters 1-3), Godís judgments on Jerusalem (chapters 4-24), and the future destinies of the nations (chapters 25-39). Interesting features include: the magnificent typology contained in Ezekielís visions of the four interlocked cherubim with their spinning wheels full of eyes and the man on their throned canopy; detailed explanations of the strange symbolic pantomimes enacted by the prophet, such as building a clay model of Jerusalem and besieging it, lying on his left side for 390 days and on his right side for 40 days, binding himself, eating bread made from each kind of grain, breaking into his own house to steal his goods, and weighing and dividing the hair he shaved from his head so he could bum one-third, chop one-third with a knife, and scatter the last third in the wind. In Ezekiel, the student finds the most detailed description of the future invasion of Israel to be found anywhere in Scripture. These, along with Ezekielís account of Satanís fall, the prophetís virtual speechlessness, and his vision of the horrible deeds in the Temple, make Ezekiel one of the most colorful of all prophetic books. The instructor gives a comprehensive explanation of each of Ezekielís utterances, some of which are virtually unequalled by any of the other prophets. 4 credits. Prerequisite: five semesters.


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