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B500 The General Epistles
An exegetical study of the seven brief letters written by James, Peter, John, and Jude. These epistles are bursting with practical truths for the individual Christian, the local assembly, and the worldwide Body of Christ. The instructor explains these epistles so the student can understand these principles and thus apply them to his own life, being convinced not by the dogmatism of man but by their sound Scriptural basis. This course covers in depth: heresies regarding Christís nature, the balanced view of prosperity, how to relate to those who are excommunicated or in cults, angels who fell from heaven, backsliding (how to avoid it and how to rescue souls from it), Christís three-day descent into Sheol, false prophets and false teachers, Peterís vision of the second coming, family life, healing as part of the atonement, hope, grace, love, good works, proper Christian character, anointing the sick with oil, and abiding communion with God. 3 credits.


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