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B171, B172 The Apocalypse and the Book of Daniel

This up-to-the-minute, verse-by-verse exposition of these two closely related prophetic books is one of the most popular and exciting courses in our entire Theology department. The enlightening and thoroughly studied presentations more than satisfy the craving for knowledge of end-time events so common among Christians today. Even the more difficult areas in this most challenging field of study are understood as the themes are carefully, analytically, and progressively laid out in detail for the student. Of course, all of the major prophetic themes of the book are covered in depth, thus providing a challenge to the serious student. Some of the more intriguing topics covered are: the seven church ages; the prophetic events yet to be fulfilled; the woman and her manchild and remnant; the coming world government; the name, number, and mark of the beast; the deadly wound to the beast’s seventh head; the eighth beast; the ten kings which have no kingdom as yet; the false prophet; the destruction of the harlot church; the two witnesses; the 144,000; the “little season”, the millennium; and the New Jerusalem on the new earth.

A central theme throughout the class is the personal revelation of Jesus Christ Himself, as eternal God and glorified man. In our generation, which is witnessing the closing events of the church age, a firm grasp of this knowledge is essential. Students are fed the vital facts about events in which they will participate and are also given practical truths and the timely exhortations found in these two books. 6 credits. Prerequisite: two semesters.

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