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B156 1 and 2 Corinthians
A verse-by-verse exegesis of all fourteen Pauline epistles. As individual doctrines present themselves during the study of each book, they are discussed at that point in the class. The student finds himself engrossed in these lectures as he hears systematic expositions on every major New Testament truth. The variety of subjects comprising the curriculum of this class reflects the wealth of this portion of Godís Word. Some of the more interesting doctrines given special attention are: the unforgiveable sin, communion, responsibilities of pastors, excommunication, elders and deacons, gifts of the Spirit, the ministries of the church, the dangers of legalism and fanaticism, the coming apostasy of believers, the Antichrist, the catching up of the saints, the nature of our glorified state in heaven, the judgment of angels, and the nation of Israel in Godís plan. Every student who conscientiously applies himself while taking this course cannot help but be deeply affected by it. Not only is his own Christian life strengthened and enriched, but his heart and notebook are filled with practical principles of how to be an effective, beneficial member of the Body of Christ.


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