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The Book of Acts
This overview of the book of Acts concentrates on two major themes: the history of the founding and development of the church through the ministry of the apostles (primarily Paul) and the spiritual lessons for the church today which can be gleaned from this history. Because the systematic proofs for the various doctrines referred to in this book (such as salvation, water baptism, Holy Spirit baptism, the offices and ministries of church government, etc.) are presented in the doctrinal courses of our Theology department, they are not repeated here. Rather, the application of these doctrines is emphasized. The abiding principles contained in the accounts of how Godís leaders ministered in a hostile environment are related to current Christian practice and experience, including the persecution of believers, the leading of the Holy Spirit, casting out demons, the apostolic office, ecumenical councils, ordination to the ministry, and many others which are useful to the ministerial student. 2 credits. Prerequisite: one semester.


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